Montney Assets - Northeast BC (NE BC)

Our Montney area assets include Septimus / West Septimus, Tower, Groundbirch, Attachie and Portage and are situated south and west of Fort St. John, British Columbia. Our operations include liquids rich natural gas and light oil production from the siltstone Montney formation.  At up to 300 metres thick, the Montney is developed with long-reach horizontal wells, completed with water-based fracture stimulations of up to 40 stages.  

Crew holds a large, contiguous land base of over 264,000 net acres (>225,000 net undeveloped acres) in the Montney with condensate, light oil, liquids-rich natural gas & dry gas, and only 19% of our Upper Montney lands and less than 1% of our Lower Montney lands have been assigned reserves to the end of 2020.

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